No, the site isn’t dead

15 02 2010

That is, it’s not going down or anything. It’s just that I haven’t “got the time” to do anything. It’s mainly due to lazynezz, and the lack of skills and motivation within what I’m trying to do.

School is taking a lot of my time as well, so it feels as if I never have time at all, or I just think about all the stuff I should do.. But enough about that!

Lately I have attempted to join a few game-creation contests, without getting the time to finish or even release something playable… But I wan’t to say that I have an idea for a game that is (at least I think) pretty easy to make.

When it comes to the comics, I will probably get back to that sometime too.. But I have no idea when :P It’s just that I have yet to learn so much before I can release anything, so until then, I’ll be experimenting.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Made this, for fun:


Frank&Bob#2 update.. again

6 08 2009

That’s right… Check the comics page. And I really hope there are someone out there who visits my website who hasn’t seen it yet >_>

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Frank&Bob#2 re-release

5 08 2009

Yeah.. I was rushing the last release too much so it didn’t turn out very good. I’ve completely changed it now, go check it out! :)

New comic – Frank & Bob #2-1

27 07 2009

Another Frank & Bob comic out :) Check it out at the Comics page! ;)
PS: Part 2 will be coming out very soon!

New comic – Random #1

6 07 2009

Just a new short comic this time..  At least it’s something ;P

As usual, some people will find this funny, some people will find it boring, but hopefully, most people will think it’s so bad it’s funny :D Check the comics page for the latest comic!

New comic – Frank & Bob: Bad hair-day

19 06 2009

Well. Say hi to Bob and Frank, two new characters that I will make more comics of! :)

This first comic might not be funny to many, but it’s just the start! ;P

About Frank and Bob: Frank is the wisest of them, he is quite normal.. Not much to say about him. Bob on the other hand, is a very small guy. He’s a computer guy and he’s completely in his own world. He doesn’t care about how he look or what everyone else thinks about him. He’s got his own ideas. Frank and Bob are cousins who’s just moved to their own little house.

Check the comics page!


And as a hint for the next comic: It will not be about Frank and Bob, surprisingly! xD

New comic – PC-trouble/Get a mac

20 05 2009

All right! A new comic is available.. And this time I actually don’t think it’s bad.. I decided to delete the “Ultra Ball” comics, because they were too bad. ;P

Anyway, go to the “Comics” page straight away! ;)