Real-DRAW Pro

11 05 2009

Well, I would just like to make a little advertisement for this brilliant vector-based graphic program! :P It is very easy to use and all, plus it has got lots of advanced stuff ;P Just wanted to say.

Here is a simple test I made with it:

Real DRAW test image

You can download a fully functional 30-days trial version for free. Also, the full version is cheaper thatn you would think! Go and visit ;)


Lack of updates

4 05 2009

Well… I’d juts like to say sorry for the lack o updates. I’ve been doing some other stuff, like making a Halo Zero mods website.. And some other boring stuff.. Oh well, I’m really ouy of practise when it comes to game making now… But I hope to get back working on a Tetris game I started long ago :|


29 03 2009

Well, tomorrow there will be a school project where we’re going to make our own newspaper.. We’re going to work in groups of course.. I became “advertise journalist” (whatever that means). At least I hope I can use some of my graphical “skills” in this project. At least the teacher asked me to make a logo..

As for advertises, what I hope for is that I can make my own advertises. Not normal advertises though, more like funny ads (meh, I got tired of saying “advertises”). So this might be a mix of comic and ad.

When the project is over I might post the graphical stuff that I made, here.

Well.. This project is starting at school tomorrow and will last till Friday. Wish me luck… :lol:

Links added

16 03 2009

Well, as you can see I added links on the right sidebar. The links I’ve posted there goes to high quality websites with lots of fun. Mostly freeware games sites. You ought to check them out ;)

Ultra Ball comic part 2 update

16 03 2009

Well, I updated that comic. As the old one had lame humour… Well, hope it’s better now.

Ultra Ball comic part 2

26 02 2009

Well, it’s here, the way it should end! Check out the new comic at the comics page! :)


New comic – Ultra Ball comic part 1!

3 02 2009

Today I finished the first part of the Ultra Ball comic. Find it on the comics page! ;)

I also updated the Help! comic a bit more.. I think it’s better now :P

What’s next? Well, probably the second part of the Ultra Ball comic.. Or a comic I’m starting to do some sketches on.. It will be a comic about a week when I worked at Vianor.. ¬†What I will do is to make comics of the bloopers I did when I worked there that week xD Stay tuned!