No, the site isn’t dead

15 02 2010

That is, it’s not going down or anything. It’s just that I haven’t “got the time” to do anything. It’s mainly due to lazynezz, and the lack of skills and motivation within what I’m trying to do.

School is taking a lot of my time as well, so it feels as if I never have time at all, or I just think about all the stuff I should do.. But enough about that!

Lately I have attempted to join a few game-creation contests, without getting the time to finish or even release something playable… But I wan’t to say that I have an idea for a game that is (at least I think) pretty easy to make.

When it comes to the comics, I will probably get back to that sometime too.. But I have no idea when :P It’s just that I have yet to learn so much before I can release anything, so until then, I’ll be experimenting.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Made this, for fun: