New comic – PC-trouble/Get a mac

20 05 2009

All right! A new comic is available.. And this time I actually don’t think it’s bad.. I decided to delete the “Ultra Ball” comics, because they were too bad. ;P

Anyway, go to the “Comics” page straight away! ;)



Real-DRAW Pro

11 05 2009

Well, I would just like to make a little advertisement for this brilliant vector-based graphic program! :P It is very easy to use and all, plus it has got lots of advanced stuff ;P Just wanted to say.

Here is a simple test I made with it:

Real DRAW test image

You can download a fully functional 30-days trial version for free. Also, the full version is cheaper thatn you would think! Go and visit ;)

Lack of updates

4 05 2009

Well… I’d juts like to say sorry for the lack o updates. I’ve been doing some other stuff, like making a Halo Zero mods website.. And some other boring stuff.. Oh well, I’m really ouy of practise when it comes to game making now… But I hope to get back working on a Tetris game I started long ago :|