A comic/cartoon – Help!

19 11 2008

Well well, long time no see. Yesterday I spent a little time on making the “Help!” cartoon/comic on my computer. I can not guarantee that you will laugh at it like if it’s funny. But it’s my first digital comic so just keep notice! ;)

Please go to the “Comics” page to see the comic.

Perhaps you’re wondering “Haven’t you done ANYTHING on games?!” Well, my not much at least. I’ve tried to “revive” some old projects but they are so badly coded that I will have to re-make them to get a better view. “Mario Worlds” is one of these games, I will not work on it. Space Hero is the second one, it’s not as bad but it would be best to start over from scratch. The one game I’m still working on is Ultra Ball, though it’s going slowly, I’m also working on another comic about Ultra Ball so that should come maybe this week ultra_ball_ball

That would be it for today. :)